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Iyengar News Pratica

01 Luglio 2023

Summer Extend&Compact - part 4

Chiara M. Travisi - illustrated by Svenja Karstens

First section


The first section is composed by Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 and it includes yog-asana entailing an extended and open body shape. Lower limbs and upper limbs diverge from the central line either on the sagittal or frontal planes, or away from armpits and groins.


Part 4 completes the standing asana series with more advanced asanas which require an arm balance as well as a complete legs extension and compactness at their roots. These are: Visvamitrasana, Vasistasana, Kasyapasana and Kapinjalasana. Eka Pada Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana completes the sequence and prepares for the inversions of Part 5.


These challenging asanas not only need balance, but also strength and a sharp concentration. Only if all these ingredients are there, then it will be possible to hold the asana for a while just after the body shape has been reached. Part 1, 2 and 3 of the sequence are there specifically in order to build the foundations for these yog-asanas. If they are not within your reach now, a regular practice of lateral and frontal standing asana will create a solid ground for these more advanced ones to come later in time.


The supported versions give the opportunity of maintaining the position for longer and therefore exploring the somatic sensations we have discussed in the presentation of this sequence. Also, the supports allow the practitioner to go deeper into the main actions, refining and refining each of them for a deeper understanding.


Notice how the hip of the standing leg is not lower than the corresponding armpit. Another detail is related to the foot of the standing leg which is rotating from the outer to the inner arch to give more solidity and elevation to the hip.



Iyengar News Pratica Scienza Yoga Studies

07 Dicembre 2023

Il Prisma dello Yoga

Lasciamo che ‘yoga’ faccia quello che può e deve fare, ovvero darci la capacità discriminativa e prismatica di riconcettualizzare il nostro sguardo sul mondo, facendoci unire ciò che potrebbe apparirci separato, sviluppando una attitudine inclusiva, unificante e tollerante e fondata sui suoi principi etici in ogni contesto. E se #yoga è utopia, l’utopia di un percorso individuale per creare una comunità fondata sulla giustizia, a me sta bene così e, almeno, lasciamoci ispirare!

Iyengar Pratica Scienza

17 Settembre 2023

Summer Extend&Compact - part 8

Learn more on the last part of the Summer practice.

Iyengar Pratica

29 Agosto 2023

Summer Extend&Compact - part 7

Learn more on the extend&compact summer sequence Part 7