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Iyengar Pratica

29 Agosto 2023

Summer Extend&Compact - part 7

Chiara M. Travisi - illustrated by Svenja Karstens

Part 7 focuses on arm balance, which are important asanas to train the quality of compactness in the upper, middle and lower body. At the core of the body, the abdominal walls contract to bring the legs closer and stabilize the pose, while the upper body is challenged to support the entire body weight.


Tolasana with blocks can be used as preparation for the most demanding asanas that follow. In Padmasana, the position of the legs spontaneously helps the abdominal organs to retract and relax towards the spine. The position can be kept static for a few tens of seconds or dynamically with an oscillation, as is done for Lolasana.


The first vertical Upavistha Konasana and the last sitting Upavistha Konasana connect this section for extensions. In between, a small series of Bakasana makes the practitioner ready to Tittibasana and Eka Pada Koundiniasana.


The support of the foam blocks allows you to maintain the position longer: first by pressing the feet into the foam blocks you get a nice activation of the abdominal walls; then, holding it, remove the feet by pulling the femurs into their sockets.



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